Is Justice Served Faster for Democrats?

Three months after Kenneth Gladney and Kelly Owens were assaulted in the Bernard school parking lot following Russ Carnahan’s town hall the charges still remain in hibernation at the County Counselor’s office. Upon contacting Bob McCullough, I was told that Gladney’s charges fall into Patricia Redington’s jurisdiction.

Redington was quick to file charges back in 2000, when a staffer for Democrat Richard Gephardt stalked serious contender Republican Bill Federer on a parade route. The staffer, James Larrew, tried to shove his camera into Federer’s face until Federer was forced to push the camera away. The staffer freaked, flagged down a cop and claimed that he had been assaulted. Larrew then called Gephardt’s office and spoke to Joyce Aboussie, Gephardt’s top political adviser, who then contacted Redington’s office. Two days later Redington filed assault charges against Federer, on Columbus Day, a national holiday; after which Redington, Aboussie, and Larrew conducted a media blitz, all arranged for by Gephardt’s office.

The report:

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Note that Redington is a Democrat-appointee with close ties to Gephardt’s closest adviser, Aboussie.

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Does party affiliation and who you know play a part in how fast your charges are filed or whether or not justice is served? This doesn’t help matters any. Redington has proven that she’s willing to work quickly when politically convenient.

How long will Kenneth Gladney and Kelly Owens have to wait for justice?

Please note that at the time of this posting an email query and interview request (acknowledged by Bob McCullough’s office) received by Patricia Redington has gone unanswered. If you would like to ask Patricia Redington how long it will take to process charges of two assaults caught on video, one of which a police officer was listed as a witness, you can contact her office here:

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