Taxpayer-Funded NPR Creates Video to Bash “Teabaggers”

Like I said, they’re just jealous because our bags are bigger.

Jim Hoft reports how NPR is using your cash mon-nay to create an omglikelol video starring the word “teabagger.” Honestly, I’m shocked that it took the left a whole month after the movement was born to come up with it. Don’t hurt yourselves!

The video bashes Republican Representatives who took donations from insurance or pharmaceutical companies but totally ignores the seedy Chicago style backroom deals made and bribes offered by democrats to get their massive takeover of the health care industry rammed through Congress.

Don’t forget how Democrats protected the trial lawyers by refusing to address tort reform, even though the CBO said that it would save $54 billion annually.

Hoft also reminds us that Pelosi, Reid, and many others called American citizens “Nazis” and “unAmerican” simply for dissenting with policy. It even brought Jay Nixon to put us on his “watch list” and for Janet Napolitano to put us all on her DHS “possible domestic terrorist” list. All the liberals who were rightfully mad about the Patriot Act under Bush but cool with its expansion under Obama were silent. Figures.