St. Louis County Prosecutors Never Checked Gladney Hospital Records

St. Louis County Prosecutors watered-down the charges in the Kenneth Gladney case from a misdemeanor to an ordinance violation without so much as even calling St. John’s Hospital, where Gladney received treatment for his injuries, and checking Gladney’s hospital record or speaking with care providers on site.

Elston McCowan and Perry Molens were witnessed on video assaulting Gladney who is seen being taken to the ground. Cheryl Johner punched Kelly Owens in the face – which Owens caught on camera, an assault witnessed by a police officer, according to the police report – and all three get off with nothing more that ordinance violations.

Owens beating recap:

It has been discovered that no one from Patricia Redington’s office ever accessed Gladney’s medical records for use in determining the charges filed in the case.

Not only did the prosecuting attorney’s office fail to immediately file charges after the assaults, but now it would seem that partiality is being shown as evidenced by the downsize in the severity of charges without even checking on the extent of Gladney’s injuries.

Remember that Patricia Redington’s office made sure to file charges against Bill Federer, on behalf of Dick Gephardt campaigner James Larrew (which were subsequently tossed) on the following day, which was a national holiday. Redington is said to not have actually interviewed any witnessed, either.


No witnesses interviewed.

Medical record wasn’t accessed.

They must have a magic crystal ball because I don’t know how you can file charges without actually investigating the case.

Gladney beating recap:

Developing …

*Update 1: I’m hearing that the review fell under Assistant County Prosecutor Brian Malone. Contact info:

100 S Central Ave
St Louis, MO 63105-1732
(314) 615-2600


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