Show 148: Afghanistan Decision

I’ll be sharing tonight’s broadcast with Obama tonight and offer analysis following his speech. I’ll be on Twitter beforehand as well.

7pm – Party time!

– Obligatory butt-kiss of Islam. “One of the world’s greatest religions.” Do they pay him to insert a compliment in every remark on terrorism? Inquiring minds. Also: Bush said noo-cue-lur, Obama says “tahlieban.”

– Bush bashing! Drink! Oh wait. Against FCC regulations if I’m near a mic.

– Leaving Afghanistan to its people? Karzai babysitter, anyone? /forargument’ssake

– “There has been no delay or denial of resources necessary for this war in this review period.” Except when it took him over a month to meet with General McChrystal.

– 7:12pm – wherein he tells our enemies our timeline.

– He’s now trying to reconcile his anti-war stance as a candidate and his troop surge as a president.

– Is the President trying to make Afghanistan a democratic ally or just posturing to save face?

– OMG did he seriously just say “blank check?”

– He’s inconsistent in foreign policy. His stance on Iran and Honduras betrays his words on Afghanistan.

– He refuses to say “win.” Only “transition.” Semantics.

– 7:22, wherein he “calls us out.” Says 43 nations involved in this effort. Allies mattered not in liberal criticized Iraq regardless number of our allies.

– “As president I refuse to set goals that go beyond our responsibilities, our means, our interests.” Yes. He so seriously just said that.

– Talking about costs. $30 billion dollars, a fraction of the cost of TARP, stimulus. Has no idea how to pay for it.

– “The only nation I’m interested in rebuilding is our own.” Er, the US needs rebuilding? In what image?

– “America will speak out on behalf of their human rights.” Just like we did in Iran. Ooops. I mean Honduras. Oh, WHOOPS.

– Ha, camera rests briefly on a cadet who fell asleep.

– “We’ll have to use diplomacy.” “Those who kill innocents …” TERRORISTS. Say it with me.

– Here he goes, calling dissent “partisanship.” Geez. “It’s hard to believe that when this war began we were united.” Not you, dude You were against.

– He’s saying that anyone who criticizes him basically is dividing America. We were never against success in the middle east. It’s called voting records. Let us show you them. /lolcats